Prenatal/Postnatal, What to Wear

Modifying with a growing belly

After Thanksgiving and more than a few days of poor eating that followed, I have a much more substantial belly. The second half of pregnancy is comical to me because every week I’ll think, “I’m getting so much bigger!” And with every inch of girth, I’m demanding more and more from my yoga clothes to keep pace.


My first ashtanga class coming back from Turkey Day told me a few things.

1. I need to do all forward folds with legs wide so there’s room for the belly. I can barely sit perpendicular without my belly already touching the tops of my thighs.

2. I’m carrying pretty low this time, and my belly is really fighting the waistband on my yoga pants. My pants seem to be winning this battle so far. Talk about uncomfortable clothing!

3. I’ll need to retire some pretzel poses very soon. Folding in half for halasana is squishing the belly. So is kurmasana.

4. To have the energy to make it through full primary, I need to skip vinyasas between postures. Going back and reviewing my notes from how Nancy Gilgoff learned ashtanga, she never did vinyasas when switching sides in postures, so maybe Guruji was on to something.

I think at this halfway point of my last pregnancy, I was attending ashtanga “light,” where we were skipping the crazier postures for a shorter, more beginner-version of the series. Now that I’m in a full primary class on a weekly basis again, I’m listening to my body more for what to ease up on or omit altogether.

Pregnancy is such a humbling experience and also so empowering. I’ll need to stay diligent in my practice and not overindulge these holidays if I want to have a strong 3rd trimester.

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