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Prenatal Yoga: Horse Lips

I recently finished reading Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth in preparation for baby #2, and frequently, she mentions practicing “horse lips” to relax the pelvic region. It seems like such a silly thing to flap your lips while blowing out air, but when we practiced it in prenatal yoga classes, it really works!

The test came when we stood in a wall squat (back to the wall, bent knees and holding in a “seated” position until your thighs are burning), trying to keep our breath calm and letting our legs be strong without tensing everything else. Then, we did the wall squat and practiced horse lips. The searing pain in my thighs and hips went away almost immediately. It’s so simple, yet effective!

I’ve heard people practicing tolerance for pain by holding ice cubes in their bare hands and working on breath control. It’s kind of the same deal. Hmm… what if you did horse lips with the ice cube test?

When my day starts to get the best of me, I’m making use of horse lips left and right. I’m sure my husband and co-workers think I’m exasperated (maybe I am? haha) with how often I’m breathing out and flapping my lips. This is definitely one I’m keeping close by for when labor gets REAL.

(Thank you’s go to my lovely friends Victoria and Marcie for allowing me to video their demonstration of horse lips in slow-mo.)

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