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Review: om finder app


As much as Lululemon gets eyerolled at in the press for their crazy founder and expensive stretchy pants, I still buy the brand. They make good products, okay? I recently found a new app they created called om finder, available free through iTunes. I’m generally skeptical about mobile apps because I’ve seen more sad executions from brands than actually useful ones.


I took it for a test drive, and it works well! Based on your location, it pulls up local studios and their schedules. You can “favorite” your usual studios so they all pull up instead of going through the whole listing. You can also filter classes by proximity, time of day, style of yoga and length of class.


While I’ve memorized the schedule for my usual classes, I end up scouring every studio’s website when I have a day off from work and am looking for a class to attend. OR, I can see this being especially helpful when I’m visiting family out of town or during work travel and am looking for a local class.

Once you’ve found a class you want to attend, the app can sync with your iPhone’s calendar to add the date, time and details.

They’ve also built in a social networking component to the app, where you can find other yogi friends (they automatically make suggestions if you use Facebook Connect as your login credentials). Through that function, you can see what other classes your friends attend and invite them to go to class with you. You know how much I love making yoga dates with friends. 🙂

Most studios use MindBodyOnline to manage their schedules, and while I searched for a similar mobile app from them that would combine all that information in one, the execution never came together (at least from the yogi’s point of view vs. a studio manager’s). Kind of a shame, if you ask me, as MindBodyOnline could’ve easily created something like this quickly using the schedules they already manage nationwide.

Lululemon’s om finder also has the advantage of being platform agnostic, so long as the studio gives them access to their schedule to include in the app. It doesn’t matter whether a studio uses MindBodyOnline or a Google Calendar to share their schedule; om finder brings it all into one app.

You win again, Lulu. Nice job.

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