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Babymoon in the ATX: Hotel St. Cecilia


When we were expecting our first child, we took a last hurrah in Germany for our babymoon. It was two amazing weeks, traveling in a clockwise tour of the entire country. Well, the budget is much tighter this go around for kid #2, and we simply ran out of time to plan a trip (and what to do with our toddler for a big childless vacation?). We settled for the next best thing, which was to treat ourselves for a night away here in Austin, TX.

One of my sisters was kind enough to take our first-born for a sleepover with her kids, and thankfully he behaved so well for them. It really gave me and my husband a worry-free opportunity to indulge in a nice dinner, a fancy hotel and even room service for breakfast. We are convinced that we should do this once a year (minus the being pregnant part).

First things first, we went over to the flagship Whole Foods store downtown to pick up some snacks. Since I passed my glucose test (woo hoo!), I didn’t feel too bad about bee-lining it over to the dessert section. We saved the strawberry parfait in the mini fridge for after dinner. We also bought $8 worth of cookies from their cookie bar. YUM.


Once we had our canvas bag full of empty calories, we were ready to have dinner at Sway. They seated us at the bar, which is always fun to see the kitchen buzzing about.


I’d been there once before for a work dinner and sampled nearly the entire menu. Since there was only two of us for this outing, we had a hard time making our decision. We settled on some shu mai for appetizer and pad thai, Tiger Cry hangar steak and XO mussels. If this baby wasn’t taking up so much abdominal space, I probably could’ve stuffed more down my throat. But I needed to save room for that strawberry parfait!

The husband and I have a running joke after we eat a huge meal that we’re “at the beach,” meaning you can only walk at a beach stroll pace. We considered walking along South Congress, but my swollen pregnant body and full belly weren’t up for it. Instead, we checked out a bunch of records from Hotel St. Cecilia‘s front office and settled in for the night with our bag of sweets and Kindles. (Is this a sign of our age? Haha.)


May I just comment that records are cool and all, BUT… each side only plays for 20 minutes, and every time the record skips, someone has to get up and move the needle. And that someone wasn’t me. 🙂

With tunes playing on the turntable, we really enjoyed the amenities in our private suite. The outdoor shower is amazing, even when it’s chilly outside. The soaking tub was perfect for giving myself a mini pedicure.


All the personal touches and attention to detail in our suite were such a treat. We lounged around in our comfy pants and just took it easy. It was perfect.


The next morning, we had breakfast brought to our room. The little tray and set up were really adorable, albeit really expensive. But hey, we’re on our babymoon.


It was only 24 hours away from our kid, and while we missed him and talked about him, we also had a chance to talk about this next kid (still working on names), our plans for the future and how amazing our little city is.

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