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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had some days off to relax and spend with loved ones and rang in the new year safely! For the most part, I got to unplug the way I wanted to and find some analog ways to connect with family. My siblings and their families all piled in at my parents’ house for Christmas, and with 20-something wi-fi enabled devices trying to get on the network, NOBODY had Internet access. This would normally be a disaster in such a tech-happy family as mine, but we managed to get by. (I still got to play plenty of Wordament using my cell phone data, so that helped. Haha!)

Getting back home in Austin, I managed to get in some yoga classes. I even took the kid to one class with me, which he loved. I didn’t check the latest schedule at Kula that day, not realizing the toddler yoga class was canceled. Thankfully, the vinyasa teacher and students allowed him to join us in our class, and he happily played with trucks and did some postures with us. He even gave me some sweet hugs mid-class.

I squeezed in a much-needed massage at Zenwell too. I was so happy to find out they do prenatal Thai massages! My massage therapist Emily really helped to work out some of the pain I’ve been having from sciatica while I got cuddled up against a bunch of comfy pillows. I’ll need to go back in this last trimester as the sciatic nerve pain is getting worse as my pregnancy goes along.

I know these last few months will fly by as we prepare for the arrival of our new little one, so I’m trying to keep pace with a twice a week yoga practice before I have to put everything on pause for a bit. This year will certainly be interesting as a lot of schedules and teachers are shifting around at different studios. As long as I can fit in some ashtanga with some prenatal, I’ll be pretty happy.

I leave y’all with this little video of kicks being seen from the outside. The miracle of life is pretty amazing.

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