Yoga Gear

I missed my yoga mat


I took my car into the shop last week to get a seriously frustrating issue checked out, and it was at the dealership for a few days. Of course, I didn’t think ahead to how long my car would be in their possession and only thought to grab a few toys for the kid and my iPod. You know what was sitting in my trunk? My yoga mat. The one I tote around town so I always have it on hand to go to class.

I have a bunch of yoga mats at home, but they’re older ones or ones I got for free and don’t have the sweat-absorbing properties and cushion that MY yoga mat provides. I didn’t realize how much I depend on that ONE mat until I had no access to it.

I know it’s silly to say, but I missed my yoga mat. I’ve become attached to it. It brings me comfort and support. I had a hard time getting myself to use one of our many yoga mats at home because it’s just not the same. So I abstained from yoga for those 4 days until I got my car back.

This can’t be a healthy relationship, can it? Or is this a sign that I need to buy another of the same mat so I’m never without?

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