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Prenatal: So many great forgotten poses


So this was me last week at 28 weeks pregnant (rocking my ashtanga pigtails, of course). As you can see, that belly is making a pretty prominent statement as I enter the third trimester.

I’m at the point in my pregnancy where I’m skipping a lot of postures in the ashtanga primary series because my belly simply won’t allow for them anymore. There are modifications for some, and then others, I would literally need to sit out and wait until we’re on to the next posture.

Thankfully, my ashtanga teacher Jenny has been offering up alternatives to help me keep flowing in my practice. Every time she suggests, “You can do ________ during this pose,” I think to myself, “Oh, I love that pose! It’s so therapeutic and allows me to still [open up, feel a good stretch, challenge myself].”

Here’s what I’m swapping out:

Instead of revolved triangle…

…modified standing forward fold with twist


Instead of revolved side angle…

…bind from the “open” side


Instead of marichiyasana C…

Source - Modified without bind

Source – Modified without bind

…twist on the “open” side


Instead of bhujapidasana…



…or pigeon pose


Instead of kurmasana…

…extended folding baddha konasana


Oh, and if anyone’s wondering, I’m still hanging on to headstand for the time being. It still feels stable, although from the looks of this pic, I’m starting to lean forward with my legs as a precaution. I may be using a wall soon to make sure I don’t lose my balance and flip.


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  1. Kristy says are just awesome!!! You should be a yoga instructor.

    • Terri says

      i’ve thought about it, but i don’t have the time or money to do teacher training any time soon. besides, i still enjoy my day job! maybe when i’m done with the advertising world, it can be my second career.

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