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Yoga Bucket List 2013: Final Update


I got through most of my list last year! Even though I didn’t check everything off, it’s interesting to me to see that I did pretty well expanding my yoga knowledge through workshops (and I hit up a different studio for each one). And my forward momentum with pincha and sitting in lotus got put on pause with pregnancy, but that gives me items to tackle this coming year when I’m done recovering postpartum.

  • Survive a Bikram class
    • Took a BHot (aka Hot 26, aka Bikram) class on 4/18
  • Try SUP (Stand-up Paddleboard) Yoga
  • Try 5 new teachers
  • Attend a group meditation session
  • Attend 2 conferences or festivals
    • 1) Ashtanga Yoga Confluence 2/28-3/3
    • 2) Wanderlust Austin Festival 11/8-11/10
  • Attend 2 workshops
    • Introspection and Insight: A Yoga Nidra / Yin Yoga Experience with Laura Forsyth at Yoga Yoga 360 4/6
    • Meditation with Anna Geiselman at Castle Hill 4/20
    • Spread Your Wings, Shoulder girdle workshop with Shanti at Bfree Yoga 5/18
    • Happy Hips Workshop with KK at Wanderlust Austin 7/13
    • Prenatal Digestion Workshop with Michelle at Kula Yoga 11/3
  • Get into and hold Pincha Mayurasana for 5 breaths
    • Stayed up there without a wall for 3 full seconds (2 panicked breaths) before losing my balance. In progress.
  • Sit in full lotus
    • Currently sitting uncomfortably in it, but my ankles don’t feel good and my feet fall asleep. In progress.
  • Bring 3 friends to try their first yoga class
    • Come on. Anyone want to go to a class with me?
  • Read 2 yoga-related books
  • Try a yoga nidra class
    • Deep Relaxation with Laura at Yoga Yoga 5/20
  • Try an anti-gravity yoga class
    • Antigravity Yoga Austin 4/29
    • Antigravity Yoga Austin 5/6
  • Try a Water Yoga class
    • Aqua Kriya 8/25
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