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30 Weeks: Retiring shoulder stand


It’s official. At 30 weeks, I’m retiring shoulder stand. Folding over is difficult enough with a giant belly in the way, so to get up into shoulder stand, I would need to fold over a little bit to get up on my shoulders before straightening my legs. I gave it a good heave ho attempt, and it wasn’t happening. Legs up the wall for me!

As for headstand, I can get in it… awkwardly of course. But all the weight is pulling forward, and I’m having difficulty balancing. I’ll try again in class next week with the help of a wall. But this may be the end of inversions. I think I’m okay with that. (Insert wounded ego. Haha.)

Another thing I’m feeling lately is all the extra weight I’m carrying when I go down into chaturanga and into upward dog. I might as well do push-ups with my toddler riding on my back. Standing balances are kind of a joke too. I’m really using my toes to keep my balance and holding strong to my drishti.

With 10 or so weeks left in this pregnancy, I’ll probably gain another 10 pounds. Oof. I’m gonna get STRONG. Pregnancy is a workout!

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