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Gaia Flow Yoga in Uptown Dallas


Upon the recommendation of my cousin and soon-to-be cousin-in-law, I tried out Gaia Flow Yoga in Uptown Dallas while visiting family for Chinese New Year. It’s located right off of Central Expressway on Blackburn St. There was plenty of free street parking in front and around the corner of the studio on that Saturday morning.

At check-in, I filled out my profile information on an iPad. They’re running a $15 promotion for new students for unlimited yoga the first week, which I would’ve taken advantage of if our trip were longer than a weekend.


All of the classes are heated to between 92 and 95 degrees, so I opted out of the early morning ashtanga class and went for a Gentle Waves class instead. They have a single studio space inside with mirrors on the front and side walls. I haven’t decided if studios that have mirrors use them so students can examine their form or to give the illusion that the room is bigger. Either way, I tried to stay away from the mirrors as they aren’t really my thing.


The class was lovely. I didn’t catch the teacher’s name, but it seemed she knew her regular students well and began class by asking if anyone wanted to share some good news. I thought that was a nice touch to also help students get to know each other.

There were minimal props available. Only blocks and mats you can borrow, but no straps, blankets or bolsters, which I use now to help modify savasana in my pregnant state. Then I thought how gross those soft props would be in a sweaty 95 degree setting and forgave them for the oversight.


I’ll be back to practice there when we make future visits up to the Big D. They also have a location in Addison.

Gaia Flow Yoga
3000 Blackburn St., Suite 140B
Dallas, TX 75204

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