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Prenatal Yoga: Dealing with low back pain

That dull nagging ache on my lower right side has reared its ugly head again, especially as I enter the third trimester. I was actually already experiencing this pain pretty early on with this pregnancy. I didn’t think that was possible around 10-12 weeks, but everything happens sooner with subsequent pregnancies, it seems.

For me, the pain is just above the pelvis. It feels like I really need to pop something in there with a good twist or stretch. I feel it the most when I stand up after sitting for a while, or if I’ve been on my feet a lot and then sit down for a rest. I’m trying to be better about my sitting posture so as not to aggravate it.

After more reading and asking questions of other moms, it’s probably not sciatica like I first assumed. It seems more like my SI joint or some other kind of misalignment in the pelvic area as the relaxin and poor posture have caused all sorts of fun stuff with my body.

Here’s what I’m doing to deal with it:

Be more mindful of how long and in what positions I’m sitting or standing. Since this seems to be the cause or what makes it worse, I need to minimize the effects of this variable.

Swiveling cat/cow. I do my cat/cow stretches in kind of a circular pattern with my hips, and it results in some fabulous little pops and cracks along my back and in my pelvis. It looks silly but feels really good.

Psoas stretches. If I’ve learned anything about yoga, it’s not about stretching one side of the body over and over again. To balance everything that’s getting pulled on the backside of my pelvis, I need to stretch the front side. Pigeon, lunges and camel are ones I’m playing with to get a gentle stretch.

Legs up the wall with a bolster (or pillow) under the hips. According to my prenatal teacher Meg, this helps to realign the hips after a day of wonky sitting or standing. It helps with leg cramps and general relaxation too. I’m a fan!


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