A hill country weekend getaway


Last weekend, the family went out to a little property in Wimberley called Cabin in the Oaks, thanks to a gift from my in-laws. Due to the metal roof on the cabin, we were forced to unplug from digital connectivity. Cell service is a little spotty out in those parts anyway, and I can’t remember the last time I was completely without mobile connectivity aside from air travel.


There was so much quiet out there; I didn’t know what to do with myself! Part of me thought I should take that time to sit and meditate. But who am I kidding? I took a glorious daytime nap while my husband and kiddo were at the grandparents’ house. The overcast skies outside really made the nap THAT much better and completely appropriate.


The cabin was well equipped with a full modern kitchen, plenty of breakfast items in the fridge and even homemade cookies. The main bedroom had both a king size bed and a twin size while a spiral staircase led up to a little loft room with a full size bed.

When it came time for dinner, we let the grandparents deal with the kiddo while we went out for a lovely date at The Leaning Pear. Mmm… everything we ordered was amazing, and it was such a cool, laid back space.


We have one more weekend of festivities ahead of us. Then, I promise I’ll stay put while we eagerly await the arrival of our new little one. I’m trying to “schedule” more me time (meaning yoga and a mani/pedi and maybe another massage) because I know my body, mind and focus won’t really be mine for the next year again. These few quiet moments we have are so appreciated. Thanks, G & B, for sending us out to the Cabin!

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