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Oh, chaturanga


Chaturanga is one of those poses that I think will be a lifelong challenge, at any age and whether pregnancy is a factor or not. Unlike a push-up that uses gravity to come down and focuses on strength getting back up, chaturanga is very controlled coming down to a 90 degree elbow bend and hovering for a breath. You’re not supposed to let gravity have its way and collapse all willy nilly.

So of course, being in the final months of my pregnancy, I’ve been REALLY feeling chaturanga as I have more body weight to control. Those opening sun salutations in ashtanga primary leave my triceps burning and working hard. It pains me to think that I have another 5-10 pounds to gain to fatten up the baby and make sure he’s ready for his debut, but that’s the reality of what I (and my chaturanga) have to face in the next few weeks.

I’m trying to keep true to my form to avoid strain or injury. Elbows in. Strong back. Breathe. And at the same time, I’m being more judicious about my vinyasas. I’m skipping them left and right so I can give my arms and back a break.

This is pure strength training, folks. Oh, and a test of endurance. My arms will thank me later for keeping up with the work now.

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  1. Kari Lavelle says

    I agree! It’s such a challenge. I have a friend who does chaturanga with ease- that may never be me. 🙂 (and that’s ok…)
    You amaze me not only in your ability to do chaturanga but to keep up with your blog!

    • Terri says

      thanks! i’m trying to keep up as best i can, but i’m definitely skipping vinyasas more than i’m doing them as my belly continues to grow. as far as the blog, i’ll likely have a little bit of quiet time immediately after the baby since i won’t be cleared for any physical activity for 6 weeks. (and i’ll be pretty sleep deprived too!)

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