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SXSW: Totally meta

When I first shared the news about having a SXSW Meetup, a friend commented how “meta” it was that my topic is about people who meet online meeting in person. (Did you catch that?) For many of us who’ve been on message boards and chat rooms, the closest thing to sharing our real identities are our avatars. Here’s my latest version for a board I frequent:

findingdrishti-avatar1I’ve had a number of iterations of illustrated avatars as well as partial face pics. This one’s been attached to my wordpress account for some time.


And then, just for cute factor, is this one from 1984-ish. Mmm… oversized soda can!


No matter how much you get to know someone online and create a picture of what you think they look like, what they sound like and how they act, meeting in real life for the first time always has some surprises in store. I’m excited to see how the virtual world and real world collide at my meetup on Sunday! We have some co-workers from our El Paso coming in for SXSW, one of whom I’ve only met through the phone, email and Facebook.

If you’ve got a badge for SXSW Interactive, come join me at Proof Annex at 12:30 pm this Sunday. The venue will have beverages (daytime drinking for those of you NOT pregnant!), and we’re bringing some t-shirts and tacos.

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