Prenatal/Postnatal, Yoga Practice

The home stretch

Ignore our very dirty bathroom mirror!

Ignore our very dirty bathroom mirror! 36 1/2 weeks and still cooking.

I forgot how taxing and exhausting the final month of pregnancy is. With 3.5 weeks until my due date (And who am I kidding? Tack on another 2 weeks just in case this kid is late.), I am FEELING everything. It’s in my hips, my back, my pelvis, my legs, my entire mid-section and more specifically, my belly button. Yes, this kid in all of his squirming and moving has been shoving my belly button around from the inside.

Pregnancy brain has caused me to refer back to my own blog posts as I try to remember what we talked about for low back pain in prenatal yoga class. I knew I had good information in there!

I took a few days off from my usual yoga classes during SXSW, and I’m slowly trying to get back into a regular routine to get me through these last few weeks. Also, baby is posterior (sunny side up), so I’m trying to work some cat/cow into my evening stretches to encourage him to rotate.

Even though I came into this pregnancy in better condition than my last pregnancy, it’s still so hard at the end. I’ll take any and all encouragement to keep up the yoga and keep from getting all stiff and achy from a strong desire to lie down all the time!

Oh, and I know people mean well with, “Oh my god! You’re huge! You haven’t had that baby yet?” Guys, I have almost another month to go. You haven’t seen HUGE! I feel like I should send out a daily tweet to say, “No baby yet.” But then watch if I ever forget to tweet that I’ll get bombarded with messages assuming I’ve gone into labor.

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