Already thinking about postnatal yoga

Since I seem to be on the slow train for labor, I’ve had a lot of time to think about maternity leave. That’s 12 glorious weeks of having all day to smell my new baby’s head and have an excuse to say no to anything I’m not up for. 😉

I won’t lie. It IS kind of a vacation for moms. Not a super relaxing, feet in the sand, drink in hand kind of vacation, but after the first few weeks of physical healing, you start to find pockets of time to be yourself. I say this because babies take a lot of naps. They may not sleep at night, but they take lots of naps when the sun is up.

The main thing on my agenda is planning what yoga classes I can go to during the day after I get clearance from the midwives. I’m the most excited about this part of maternity leave. I’m searching for and bookmarking any and all mom + baby classes. I’ll likely need to hold off on re-joining ashtanga classes since those depend on my husband’s ability to care for both kids (unless I can find a morning/day time class that won’t mind if I bring an infant with me).

It’s going to be glorious, y’all.

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