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Don’t iron your Lululemon


I’m not the type to iron anything in my wardrobe. If it requires ironing, I pretty much don’t buy it (or I have my husband iron because I’m a klutz and will inevitably burn myself). So in conversation at work about clothing mishaps, a story was being shared about how in addition to splitting his jeans around the thigh, there was a horrible ironing accident with this guy’s Lululemon pants. Apparently, the heat from the iron stuck to the Lycra and ripped a huge hole.

My first question to him was, “Who irons yoga pants?” (Since he’s a dude, they were probably not yoga pants but workout gear is still a little strange to iron, right?) I never got a clear answer to my question, but I did go on the interwebs to see what the deal was with ironing care.

An official response on lulu’s Facebook page reads:

Luon is an ironing don’t – the heat will severely damage the lycra. If you’re looking to iron, say, the Endeavor or Kahuna Pant, be careful. This material can be ironed carefully if it’s (a) inside out, (b) lowest heat possible, and (c) with a light fabric layer like a sheet or pillowcase in between the iron and the garment.

I think to be safe, just skip ironing altogether. That’s my PSA for the day.

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