Final preparations for Baby #2


We’re in the home stretch!

Newborn clothes are washed, folded and put away. (Clothes to wear.)
Pack n’ play is set up in our bedroom. (Place to sleep.)
Cloth diapers are all washed and organized. Some itty bitty newborn size disposable diapers are ready to catch the meconium. 900 baby wipes were purchased from Costco. (Poop management.)
I pulled out my old breast pump and have my new Obamacare one at the ready. (Milk management.)
The kid’s got his own little fuzzy stuffed rabbit waiting for his arrival. (Just because.)
And we have a bag packed for the birthing center. (Note to self: Pick up some beverages and snacks to take to the birthing center.)

That’s everything we need for a new baby to join us in this crazy world, right?


The second time around feels so much easier than the first time. Some days, it feels almost TOO easy – like I’m forgetting something essential. But babies don’t need much.


We really had to trim down on the newborn stuff since the guest room is serving as half a nursery. It’s quite freeing to not have to figure out a place for every baby item that has ever been passed down to us. I was able to purge and offer things up to other mom friends who may have luck or a need for them.


Of course, the one thing I love and hate is the breast pump. Love that it let me continue breastfeeding after I went back to work, but definitely hated how it did not cooperate with my body and led to many painful and annoying effects. I’ll need to practice more meditation techniques this time to calmly approach pumping and hopefully have better output.


Fingers crossed I have more exciting news to share in the coming days. I’m doing a LOT of squatting in the mean time.

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  1. So excited for you! I love that yoga principles can help pregnancy and labor. Can’t wait to see pictures of the little one and hear about how you managed the labor using your yoga foundation.

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