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A yogi goes to barre class

The Lotus studio at Castle Hill, where the Barre classes are held (Photo source: Castle Hill Fitness)

The Lotus studio at Castle Hill, where the Barre classes are held (Photo source: Castle Hill Fitness)

Last week, I went to Castle Hill to try a barre class, which is something I always thought would be fun. I’m feeling a bit frumpy and lumpy with my postpartum body, and I have heard many great things about barre making limbs lean and long. I took ballet when I was 3 or 4, and I know it doesn’t count for much in a fitness class 30 years later, but I had to give it a shot. Haha!

The pic above was from an actual ballet barre class that was held at Castle Hill a few years ago, and that’s kind of what I was expecting to experience. The class description sounded way more upbeat and uptempo than traditional ballet. Sure enough, it kicked my ass all over the place!

It was a mix of cardio and pilates and a little bit of actual usage of the bar for ballet-esque moves with dubstep music blaring in the background. Our instructor Hilary did NOT hold back on the muscle-burning moves. She promised us she would hit every muscle group before we indulged in hot dogs and beer for July 4th… and she didn’t miss anything.

We had props – lots of props! A mat, a pilates ring, a stretchy band and some light weights. Some of it was for resistance and to tone the inner thighs. I probably could have gone heavier than 1 pound weights, but I was told that these classes typically do a ton of repetitions. I know other barre classes require special socks, but this one didn’t.

My thighs were burning from being on my toes and doing squats. There were so much squatting! We got quite a bit of ab work done too, which I haven’t really focused on much since I got clearance for exercise. The muscle burn means it worked, right? I left that class sufficiently sore all over.

This class was probably more gym fitness than traditional barre, but it was enough to give me a taste. I think I may need to try barre at other studios and see what it’s like. I hear barre3 offers childcare on site! I have just a few days left of maternity leave, so if anyone has local suggestions, I’m up for it.

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