Local to Austin, Yoga Practice

Practicing at some old stomping grounds


12 weeks and 2 days old. My exclusive time with Bear Shark is over, and I’m headed back to the office life. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the month, I was determined to cram as much yoga in as I could. I went to postnatal classes (aka mommy/baby classes) and learned new, yoga-friendly lyrics to You Are My Sunshine. I went to that barre class. And last week, I visited my old stomping grounds at Yoga Yoga for some classes sans baby.

I’d say I’m much more loyal to teachers than I am to studios, and while I’ve frequented other places to get my yoga fix, there are still some wonderful teachers at YY that I miss.

findingdrishti-yogayoga360-1I went to my first ashtanga class with Sheila since giving birth. Ah… I missed it! It was warm and familiar and yet challenging as ever. I felt sore all over – in a good way. The amazing thing about going to a daytime class is seeing all the older yogis practice. If I can continue to do ashtanga at their age like them, I will know that I’ve taken great care of my body.

The next day, I went to a hatha flow class with Angie. It was a class with many lessons built in, thanks to the arrival of President Obama in Austin, which essentially shut down all major roads. Angie talked about releasing all the stress and anxiety of the day and allowing ourselves to be content with our current state of being. Instead of getting angry and frustrated with not moving in traffic, accept it and Tweet about it instead. 😉 We did a lot of therapeutic stretching before going back out to sit on 360.

Now, I don’t normally practice yoga 3 days in a week. So 3 days in a ROW is a lot for me, especially in my postpartum state. But I wanted to squeeze in a vinyasa class. I attended Annick’s class. It’s been probably 6 or so years since I’ve been to one of her classes. She’s old school, very challenging (in the best way) and proper. She gave us postures that helped us work up to harder ones like arm balances and inversions. She even threw in some tai chi for good measure. It was really quite fun to play in bakasana and work on handstands. I’m afraid my muscles were giving out on me by that 3rd day of yoga.

So I recouped all my burned calories by going to Gus’s Fried Chicken with some friends. 🙂


I have a couple classes left to burn on my passes, so I’ll have to find a weekend when the kids are on their best behavior for my husband. After that, I’ll be attempting to maintain a yoga practice at home in what little spare time and spare energy I have left. Hmm… I haven’t quite figured out how to find a space for myself among TWO kids’ stuff or when. Guess that’s another blog post for another day.

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