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MTTS 2014: Hitting the road


Over the next couple of days, I’ll be joining the cross-country rally organized by MINI called MINI Takes the States (or MTTS for short). It’s already been going on for 13 days, starting in San Francisco, so I’ll be tagging in for the last 3 cities: Buffalo, Bethlehem and Boston. MINI is one of the clients I work on, and while I’ve touched many fun brands in my advertising career, this has got to be one of the coolest brand experiences I’ll have been part of.

The colorful Countryman pictured above will be my ride. (OUT magazine is one of our media partners, so big props to them for a stand-out car wrap that’s been getting us attention!) My husband and I had fun bringing the boys out to see the rally when they stopped in Austin. My older son especially liked watching them drive out that morning, pointing out every one of his favorites as they are all unique and colorful and full of personality. It was pretty amazing to see a sea of hundreds of MINIs, all lined up in front of the Capitol.


I’ve packed my yoga clothes for the trip, as I’m sure I’ll need a lot of good stretching after driving hundreds of miles each day. The trip should also make for some fun places to do my #shesgotlegs yoga poses.

I’ve also packed all my tech devices and gear for pumping and storing breastmilk. This will be an adventure, to say the least! You can follow along the journey on Instagram @findingdrishti or see other pics from the rally with #mtts2014 and @MINIusa. They even have a Wi-Fi MINI on the road with us so you can get some connectivity throughout the drive. Hopefully the boys won’t give my husband too much trouble while I’m gone.

Motor on!


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