Local to Austin, Non-Yoga Fun

The life of the working mom


This pile of bags and humans is what I get to carry into my car every morning to get us out the door. (And yay! My SXSW Interactive goodie bag is the perfect size for transporting the kids’ things to school.) Since I don’t have time to work out anymore, I suppose lifting 50 pounds of stuff and humanity will have to count.

If we’re all running on schedule, I do get quite a bit of help from my husband to either wrangle the big kid, pack lunches or help load all the bags. I’d like to think that behind every successful working mom is an amazing, equally contributing partner. That’s not the case for everyone, and these are all discussions I want to have at SXSW for a Working Moms meetup with my co-host Road Warriorette.

Voting for our panel is open for another week and a half (ends on 9/5). Please take 3 minutes of your day to give us a thumbs up! http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/35527

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