Yoga Practice

Days 1-15 #BalanceBasics

This month’s yoga challenge on Instagram with @kinoyoga, @laurasykora and @beachgirlyoga is all about balance, which means lots of subtle core strength, drishti and grounding into your hands and feet.

Before this challenge, I was rather hesitant to do any kind of public display of yoga. I don’t know why. Probably because I’m self conscious. But since starting these pics, I’m kind of loving these challenges now. My son happily joins me in doing the pose of the day. He gets SO EXCITED to do yoga. I’ve also wrangled a couple of co-workers to join me. I love getting people to do yoga with me!

Sure, everyone gets to see how messy my living room is, but not everyone gets to practice yoga in a serene, clear space. Also, I rarely get into yoga clothes during the week. I don’t have time for a wardrobe change. It’s a good thing I have pretty good stretch in my jeans.

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