Yoga Practice

Day 1-15 #LetsGetFlexy

This is a tough challenge for me! I tend to do okay on the flexibility front when it comes to forward folds, but even those are incredibly tight these days as I am barely getting on my mat.

BUT, I have a new strategy for making these challenges actually help me. I’m going to do them in 3-4 day chunks and get in a real practice before attempting the poses. I know that was the original intent of these yoga challenges – to get on the mat every day – but it’s not happening. So practicing every 3-4 days for me and then trying the challenge poses is better than trying all of them while my body and muscles are cold.

The sun is going down earlier and earlier, so you’ll see a lot of my messy living room. If you want to join or follow along, find me and the challenge hosts/sponsor on Instagram.

@findingdrishti, @kinoyoga, @beachgirlyoga and @aloyoga

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