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SXSW 2015


Happy Friday, y’all! We have had a ROUGH week over here. Big kid had a fever virus over the weekend, causing him to miss school on Monday. We were on the fence that morning what to do since technically his fever was gone for 24 hours, but he was cranky and very tired in the eyes. So, I took him to work with me in the morning, then we headed home so I could work from there while he watched way too much tv.

Then, Bear Shark went in for his 6 month well check and got stabbed in the legs with vaccines and the flu shot. That night, he had a fever. He woke up still quite warm to the touch. My work responsibilities have been increasing, and I’m about to travel the next few weeks. Life – and meetings – do not slow down for families! So I took him to the office with me and had him strapped in the Beco for much of the day. He was clingy and cried at all of my very nice co-workers who wanted to hold him. But he took naps and nursed and woke up happy and ready for school the next day.

I could not be a working mom if I didn’t have understanding co-workers and a relatively flexible work environment. I could not be going strong with breastfeeding at 6 months and beyond if I didn’t have understanding co-workers and a flexible schedule. And I know how lucky I am because not every working mom is afforded such leeway.

Even though this week was hard (REALLY hard), for once, I didn’t feel like I was completely failing at my job AND at parenting. Is this work-life balance? I don’t think so. More like a good compromise. I didn’t miss big meetings, and I didn’t miss being with my tiny humans who needed me most. Obviously, it’s not sustainable for me to bring my kids to work every day, nor would I want to. Mama needs a break when she’s working hard for the money!

All this to say… I’ll be back at SXSW Interactive hosting a meet up for working moms in 2015! I got the confirmation from SXSW staff, and I’m so looking forward to meeting working mamas at the craziest tech/digital/geek/fashion/creative festivals. I’ll be using the hashtag #sxworkingmoms on Twitter and Instagram, so feel free to join the conversation.

You may be wondering where my husband was when these decisions of what to do with the kids at the last minute had to be made. His job uses desktops, so he doesn’t have nearly the flexibility that I do with my “internet-compatible” job. Besides, he is the MOST supportive husband to this working mom as he does 100% of the cooking and always takes the early morning shift so I can squeeze in an extra hour of sleep before dragging my tired butt into the office. No husband bashing from me over here!

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