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Upcoming: Blogalicious and Wanderlust ATX 2014

It seems fall conferences/festivals are in full swing! I’ll be at Blogalicious in San Antonio tomorrow and Wanderlust ATX on Saturday.


Blogalicious is a blogger conference for multicultural women. Their tagline reads, “Elevating Multicultural Voices in Digital Media,” which seems right up my alley. The only other blogger conference I’ve ever attended was Texas Style Council in 2013, which I presented about social media.

Hopefully, I’ll get a good night’s sleep before we make the drive down to San Antonio (I’m attending with two of my co-workers) because what I remember from TXSC is that I need to be extra perky to last at a blogger conference. It’s networking! It’s fashionable! It’s extra-extroverted! I’m only half joking. 🙂


Of course, this will be in stark contrast to the more internal facing moments of Wanderlust. I’m most excited that I’m not pregnant for this year’s Wanderlust, so I can participate in any and all belly-down poses. The husband’s being super awesome to let me ditch him and the kids all Saturday to attend.

Here are the posts from last year’s Wanderlust ATX:

On the flip side, I will still need to pump milk throughout both events. This is quite frankly why I chose to only attend for one day each. Pumping sucks. Can’t someone just bring my baby to me every time he’s hungry so I don’t have to feed the pump every 3 hours? I’ve got more to say about this topic tomorrow. In the mean time, if you’re attending either of these events coming up, hopefully we can connect! Expect some Twitter/Instagram action in the next couple days.

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