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I’m still alive. I promise. Well, some days it feels like I’m barely alive, but that’s the zombie life of motherhood. I’ve been doing a lot of working, traveling (for work), parenting and pumping at airports, it seems.

While my husband has had a Fitbit to track his fitness this past year, I finally got on the wagon when Costco had a sale on the Flex trackers. It doesn’t really track calories burned for an activity like yoga (or any non-walking/running/biking/swimming/distance exercise), but I’m really geeking out on the sleep tracking.

At night, I tap the sensor 5 times until it vibrates and shows two lights to indicate sleep mode. Until I turn off sleep mode in the morning, it tracks motion to figure out how many times and for how long I’m awake or restless.

On the phone app, I can see a color coded timeline of my night. Yes, I really did go to sleep at 9:52 pm Thursday night, and as you can see from all the minutes I lose between my two kids, the early bedtime is necessary! Technically, I was up before 6:53 am tending to the toddler by trying to get him settled back down in his room. But this was an okay night of sleep for me:


The online dashboard has a bit more information to analyze sleep and show you comparisons over time. A crappy night of sleep looks like this:fitbit-sleep-tracking

And I have to brag when I get an amazing night of sleep that normal people without young kids don’t appreciate:


I know there are sleep tracking apps for smartphones and tons of other wearable tech devices. I’d love to hear what others’ experiences have been in putting data around healthy living.

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