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Sanctuary Yoga, Austin TX studio

I’m on “Winter Break” with my kiddos (aka burning the last of my use-it-or-lose-it PTO for the year). I’ll try to get some blogging in – and um, some yoga too – while I have family around to help wrangle the boys. Hope everyone has a wonderful Decemberween!


I haven’t really been to a studio class since… oh… maternity leave. So I took a much-needed day of PTO a couple weeks ago and took advantage of the kids being at daycare so I could try a new-to-me studio called Sanctuary Yoga.


It’s a cozy space tucked behind Gibson Bar off of South Lamar and is surrounded by these grand oak trees. Most of their classes are during the week since the property is rented out for private events on the weekend.


The downstairs space can handle a class of about 15 to 20 yogis. I decided on a vinyasa class, paid the instructor with a credit card on her iPad and prepared for a heated 75 minutes. The room is long, and everyone sets their mats up ashtanga-style, creating two rows all facing the center. There were plenty of props available for whatever modification of your choice. All in all, it was pretty cool to feel surrounded by nature; the ivy growing along the backside of the building had made its way to the windows.findingdrishti-sanctuaryyoga-02

At $12 for a drop-in class, it’s a pretty great deal. And to make your heart feel even warmer, Sanctuary Yoga is a non-profit, where proceeds from yoga classes go to youth programs of the Amala Foundation. The only downside for office dwellers like me is that classes are only offered during the week, although they do have some late evening classes on the schedule. I’m happy I tried a new studio and have another great option should I find an open weekday to play yoga.

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