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Blogging in 2014: Top 5 posts

Happy New Year, everyone!

Not surprisingly, 2014 was a year of blogging about everything related to our big event of welcoming Bear Shark to the family. I’m not much of a mom blogger, but I also can’t avoid talking about this phase in my life where motherhood is obviously a dominating factor. Thanks to my readers for coming along this journey with me!

Without further ado, these were the top read posts from 2014.


1. Bear Shark: The longest birth story ever


2. Review: Barefoot Yoga Mat [+Giveaway!]

Beyond Yoga's Hug the Belly Long Legging for $93.00

Beyond Yoga’s Hug the Belly Long Legging for $93.00

3. Is maternity yoga wear necessary?

Finding Drishti - 38 weeks pregnant

4. Still yoga-ing at 38.5 weeks

postpartum recovery food

5. Mama needs food

I’m looking forward to what will come in 2015, continuing to find ways to live a yogic lifestyle and learning to face challenges as they arise. Hopefully, I’ll also have more time to reflect on these things in blog form. “Slow and steady” seems to be the yoga way, right?

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  1. It’s really nice to look back at your most popular posts and it seems like you never run out of interesting topics. I’m excited to see your posts for 2015 Terri!

    • Terri says

      thanks, amelia! yoga seems to be an ever-evolving journey so i’m happy to share my experiences.

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