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City Surf Fitness: Buddha Board yoga class


Last fall, I tried SUP yoga for the first time, and it challenged my balance and core in a different environment. When my buddy Roy recommended I try a new studio called City Surf, I thought it would just be an added challenge of trying to balance on a smaller board that can wobble. I was not prepared to laugh and giggle as much as I did.

This is me, trying to get a feel for the board. You can see how I’m already a little wonky. These boards are balanced on top of 3 exercise balls and bungee’ed to the base. There is a LOT of movement when you get on it. I’m talking sometimes violent, volatile movement as your legs and feet are shaking and wiggling to stay under your body.


My postpartum body is still so weak in the core, and that definitely affects my balance. The good news is that I never felt like I would fall off the surfboard. There were some close calls, where I’m leaning so far to the left or right, trying to get back to center, but I managed to stay on the board. In those moments, I could do nothing else but to laugh at myself. It’s definitely more fun than scary! My friend Monica attended class with me, and we kind of giggled back and forth at how our post-baby bodies were handling the movement.


We set up our yoga mats (recommended but not required) to the right of our boards. The teacher would take us through a flow on our mats, and then we got on our boards to go through the same flow.  Since the class I attended had a fair amount of newbies to surf yoga, we got a bit more instruction on where to place our hands and feet on the boards.


All in all, the class was simply fun. You need a pretty good sense of humor about yourself to step on a surf board and attempt balancing acts while maintaining your breath and drishti. And even though I’m not a huge fan of mirrors when I practice yoga, this is one of the few times when I think it’s really helpful to figure out where on the board I was and how far I really was leaning to either side.


City Surf is currently running an introductory special at $49 for the first month. Parking was easy peasy and FREE right next to Barlata’s Tapas in the same complex. Be sure to check the schedule and reserve your spot for evening classes. They book up really fast! I’ve bought one month unlimited, so I’ll definitely be back for more surf yoga, and I want to try their signature city surf fitness class too.


City Surf Fitness
1500 S. Lamar Blvd., Ste. 4
Austin, TX 78704

They also have a location in Dallas!

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