Yoga Practice

It’s too cold to do yoga


If you ignore my messy home, you’ll notice that there’s a heat dish behind me during these winter months. We have a pretty drafty house that can get downright chilly when we experience a threat of icy weather. I don’t have the patience for the centralized heater to warm up the house, so I tend to turn on space heaters in the rooms we spend the most time. For the most part, it does a decent job for general comfort.

Even with the dish facing me and acting like my personal sun-like source of heat, I really still find it unbearably cold. As soon as I step toward the front of my mat or get situated in pigeon pose, I feel chilly again. So these last few days of 30-something degrees, I simply have not been able to get myself on my mat. I’ve tried. I put on the clothes and cleared some floor space. And then, nothing. I’ll usually layer a long sleeve over my tank until my blood gets moving, but poses like downward dog cause my shirt to bunch up in my face.

I had a similar problem doing an outdoor yoga class once in late fall right after a cold front blew through. Perhaps I don’t have the right “winter yoga attire” to keep me warm. Other girls came with leg warmers and cute yoga tights that cover part of their feet, but I find those so impractical the other 10.5 months of the year.

Is it the gear? Do I need warmer yoga clothes? Crank up the heater? I need some motivation over here!

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