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PURE Bikram Yoga: My 2nd go at the heat


My friend Colleen invited me to join her for a class at PURE Bikram Yoga. She mentioned that Kyle Chandler was once spotted at her studio, and I thought if there was a one in a billion chance that I too could see Coach Taylor in person, that was enough motivation. When we agreed to a day and time, I failed to remember that Superbowl was the night before. I stuffed myself silly at the party we went to – chips and queso, barbecue sauce-drenched meatballs, chicken legs, adult cocktails, the occasional crudite with ranch dip, etc. Realizing what I had coming in the morning, I chugged as much water as I could to prep for the sweatfest.

PURE Bikram is a bikram only studio with certified instructors. They have 4 classes a day at the south location, except on the weekends. Guess there isn’t enough interest for a Saturday evening sweat-a-thon to offer it on the schedule. 🙂 Even though my first go at bikram wasn’t officially licensed, the sequence was very similar. That gave me a little comfort that I was familiar with the practice.

This studio does have the carpeted floors though. That was a new one for me. I tried to keep my sweat contained to my own mat and towel and tried to ignore the icky feeling when we had to step off our mats. And because I was much more prepared for the sweat, I came in my Athleta booty shorts (aka Chaturanga Shortie) so my legs wouldn’t suffocate. Go figure that we got a crazy cold front that dropped temps into the 30s, and here I was in a 105 degree room.

The class was hard, as I expected. I did a lot of mouth breathing toward the end because I could feel myself getting uncomfortably hot. Cooling breaths, if you will. Besides losing my balance in a couple postures, I managed to hang in there for the full 90 minutes. It felt good to see what my body could handle!

I think the first time I tried bikram, I was so focused on trying to survive that I didn’t think too hard about what exactly the practice was trying to accomplish. The mirrors and the competitive spirit are so distracting mentally (and the bad publicity surrounding Mr. Bikram himself didn’t help either). But when I take a step back and really let the practice soak in, I do see the emphasis on flexibility, stamina, detoxification and breath.

I’ll see how the next 24 hours feel when soreness settles in. I did take it upon myself to replenish the burned calories with this delectable cinnamon bun croissant. It was DIVINE. And now I need to chug and chug my water to make up for everything I sweated out.



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