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Restorative poses to relieve illness pains


A nasty virus has been working its way through my family this past week. First, Bear Shark went down for a day with fever, and I basically held him for 12 hours, only getting up from the couch to go to the bathroom and to eat. A couple days later, the big kid had a fever and a throbbing headache. We spent another day on the couch while he rested up. And of course, I got the fun bug, leaving me laid up on the couch with a debilitating headache and chills, while the big kid seemed to rebound with energy.

I’m still trying to get rid of my headache, but 5 days cooped up in the house, doing nothing more than comforting kids who are feeling blah… sigh. I can’t decide if most of my body aches are due to illness catching up with me or from sitting on the couch with my little sickies.

When the chills got to me, I could do nothing more than curl up in a fetal position to stay warm. In addition to my headache, I’m feeling pain in my back, my ribs and my hips. I consulted the Yoga as Medicine book for the chapter about headaches.

I don’t know why I always forget legs up the wall. I’m convinced that it can help with almost every ailment. It helps with circulation and calms the nervous system. It’s also a pretty nice chest opener with arms out to the side.

Supported cobbler’s pose (supta baddha konasana) is a favorite of mine for opening up the chest and hips. I had to make do with the pillows and blankets we had around the house to help get my back and neck to the right angle. I also like to do this with a yoga strap that circles the waist to the feet.

Supported seated forward folds, while putting a little pressure on the forehead, is strangely soothing. The key is to not come down too far, so having a pillow or bolster to rest on is nice. Since my headache feels like tightness right at my forehead and even parts of my sinuses, I like to put some pressure with my hands curled up in a fist and let the weight of my head do the rest.

The book also suggested some supported inversions like shoulderstand and plow, using a chair and blankets, but I could not deal with the blood rushing feeling.

Hopefully, I can be done with this virus ASAP. The big kid needed 3 days to recover, and I think I’m on the same path.

If you’re interested in yoga props for some of the supported poses mentioned, check out iYogaprops. They have the chairs and backbending support among other gear.

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  1. Seeing the little guy like that is a bit heartbreaking! 🙁 Hope your family has gone through the virus already and have regained your energy. Being sick is awful and you really can’t do much. Hope people try these restorative poses!

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