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SXSW 2015: Working Moms Meet Up

I could not have been more thrilled with the turn out for the Working Moms Meet Up. Thank you, SXSW, for giving me the opportunity to gather these women who share in the struggle of being a professional and a present parent simultaneously. We had about 20 women show up, and there was plenty of chatter.


I was also excited we were able to give away some items during the meet up, including swag that my new friend Hira from Lansinoh brought, milkscreen alcohol testing strips for breastmilk from local Austin company Upspring and a copy of Jessica Shortall’s Work. Pump. Repeat (due for hard copy release this fall).


As promised, I brought an old breast pump to smash. Since the JW Marriott was a brand new hotel and all, I didn’t feel right putting a hard pump to their new floors. So a small group of us gathered on the sidewalk right in front of the hotel for this to happen:

Part 1: Destroying a breast pump #sxworkmoms

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Part 2: smashy smashy on the sidewalk. That felt good. #sxworkmoms

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Here’s the aftermath:


Thanks to everyone who joined at the meet up, including my friend Sarah of Road Warriorette, who co-hosted with me. I have so many thoughts about SXSW Interactive this year, so I’ll be sharing those in the next few days. Music is now in full swing, and I still have a few movies I want to see as part of Film. More to come!

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