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SXSW 2015: Yoga, yoga, meditation & yoga


Bear with me while I’m still recovering from SXSW and trying to process it before my bird brain forgets. One of the big things about this year was an increased presence of yoga. Perhaps it’s to counterbalance all the shades of brown food available free throughout the week, like so:


During the Interactive conference, they continued to offer the morning yoga session at the convention center. At 5 pm, they also offered meditation in the same room. The downtown location of Black Swan Yoga offered classes twice a day at 10 am and noon. And the sweetest free yoga event with an amazing view was on the rooftop of Brazos Hall. Yahoo sponsored the class every morning along with healthy snacks, mini manis, a DJ and comfy lounge areas. They even had blenders hooked to a stationary bike so you could blend your own Chobani smoothie!


I’m glad the yoga classes and events gave me a good excuse to wear my yoga clothes for the rest of the week. On one of the warmer sunny days, I had my Athleta Chaturanga Capris, and for the chillier day, I tried my new Athleta Revelation Tights. They kept me warm and supported as I was logging in 12,000 – 14,000 steps a day, trekking around downtown.


Of course, another theme popped up throughout SXSW, which was finding time for yourself to manage daily stress. I attended a workshop with Jen and Chiyoko of MindFresh.co about incorporating yoga into the office environment. They took us through a practice that took into account limited space and the use of office chairs. Stripping the practice down to a base level for everyday office dwellers makes it more approachable for anyone who has ever felt intimidated by yoga terms or the myth of inflexibility.

I fully expect SXSW 2016 and beyond will see more and more yoga and meditation. I think the professional world is starting to understand the importance of balancing all the hard work and stress with some quiet time, focus on breathing and mindfulness.

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