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April Yoga Challenge: #DetoxYoBody


I jump into these Instagram yoga challenges every now and then when I want to play around with new poses or get back into a daily routine (even if it’s for 10 seconds at a time). The funnest part for me is when the Big Kid sees me doing them and wants to join in. I can’t say no to that!


I don’t have a dedicated yoga practice space in my home, like other instagram’ing yogis. I’m also always shoving toys and laundry baskets out of the way so I can put two feet on the ground without hurting myself. And that’s perfectly okay with me. Yoga isn’t pristine and always in a sacred zen space. That’s why I go to a studio when I can!!! Instead, yoga is shoved into the nooks and crannies of my life. It’s sometimes loud and sweaty and trying to catch its breath. It can be unsteady and distracting and surrounded by the sound of crying children. And I do it and live it anyway because yoga is what gets me through the big and small challenges in life and leaves me one step closer to calm than chaos.


These challenges also remind me to have fun. To fall. To laugh. Often times, falling and laughing all at once. We don’t do enough of that as adults. When did we become so afraid of our bodies and afraid of looking silly or uncoordinated? My kiddos don’t have that self-consciousness, and I hope they never do. I’m working on that for myself, and maybe that’s another reason why I share my practice on Instagram and on my blog. I’m just doing the practice in whatever state of imperfection that it is. After all, it’s a work in progress for life.

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