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Inside the Studio: Corepower Yoga

findingdrishti-corepoweryoga-01During SXSW, I received a one week free pass to Corepower Yoga. Turns out that they offer the first week free for all new students, but I felt special either way. Austin has two Corepower Yoga locations – one downtown at the Monarch and one in the Triangle shopping center. I visited both studios.

Corepower Yoga is a national chain. They have a few Dallas locations as well and are in 14 other states. The upside of a nationalized brand is that every studio is nicely equipped with showers, lockers, filtered water dispenser, and you can use your pass at any of their locations. It feels a little corporate – even the shampoo bottles are branded – but it’s clean and the teachers are well trained. Every class has a portion dedicated to core work, which I guess explains the name.


I went to a Hot Power Fusion class by accident. I say accident because I didn’t really check the schedule that day and just found a convenient time I could make. It was a Bikram-esque class at 102 degrees, which isn’t really my favorite style of yoga. I left that class drenched (of course). I also tried a CorePower 1 Beginning Yoga class for fun. I’ve been told by friends that I could definitely hang at a Level 2 class, but again, I went for a convenient class time and not necessarily class description. The teacher was great, and it was still plenty challenging in a heated room.

I wonder if this is part of the Corepower Teacher Training, but I did notice that all the teachers I practiced with there used similar phrasing and terminology. I’m used to mountain pose being tadasana with arms at the side. They all referred to mountain pose with arms up. Getting into dancer’s pose started with an arm bent at the elbow with palm up to the side before reaching back to grab the foot. It’s not a big deal; it threw me off was all.


The rooms all have mirrors, and the floors are interesting. They’re made to look like wood, but they definitely have some sort of padding underneath. There’s a bit of bounce to it, like a gymnastics floor.

The schedule is PACKED from 6 am to 8:30 pm, so there are plenty of offerings throughout the day for busy schedules. Parking downtown isn’t great though. Even the instructor said to make sure to arrive half an hour early to find parking if you have to drive. There are a very limited number of reserved spots in the Monarch parking garage for Corepower students.

Their regular class prices are pretty steep. $20 for drop-in rate. Even a 20 class pass will run you almost $16 a class. They are part of the ClassPass partners, so if you studio hop a lot, that’s something to consider. If heated power yoga is your thing (with some core work thrown in), this is good place to check out. They also have Sculpt classes that combine yoga and weights and Restore classes for something a little less intense.

Corepower Yoga

Triangle Location
4616 Triangle Ave
Austin, TX 78751

Monarch Location
801 W 5th St.
Austin, TX 78703

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