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Review: Fabletics yoga wear

The Facebook ads finally got to me. (See this, Facebook advertising team? ROI!!!) I caved and bought a few pieces of Fabletics gear because of the 50% off for the first outfit as a VIP member. Fabletics is the Kate Hudson co-founded brand of athletic wear.

First of all, the VIP membership is a new trend in ecommerce, where you join with a credit card number and get to buy something every month at a huge discount. You can skip that month, but it’s a manual process where you log in and have to click on “Skip this Month.” If you forget to skip and didn’t want to buy anything, it’ll charge your card $49.95 and place it as a credit in your account. You can use the credit later. You can always cancel membership, but it has to be done by calling their 800 number and can’t be done online.

I bought the Norwalk Tank and Salar Legging as an outfit, and that was marked 50% off, which was about $30. (Apologies for the dirty mirror. I don’t usually take selfies of my outfits!)


Fabletics Norwalk Tank


Fabletics Salar Legging in Dark Plum


The Norwalk Tank has the built in bra support, which I’m always wary of. But the flowy top was appealing to me for breeziness and post-baby belly coverage. I will say that because I have a larger chest, the bra didn’t fit exactly right when I took it out for a spin at a class, but the top is really cute and comfortable. Maybe if they could sew a slightly larger bra to the same tank, it might be perfect. Good news is that I wasn’t spilling out of it, so I’ll keep it (and send customer service a tip for making sizes for different shapes of women).

The Salar Legging came in a great dark plum color. I got lots of compliments on the color. The waistband was mid-rise and very wide, so it fit well without creating a muffin top. The thighs are pretty snug on my legs though. This may be because of the “super compression” of the fabric. It did loosen up a bit once I got moving in them. The length was… long. Haha. I’m 5’3″ so I can’t expect anything to come in the perfect length. I haven’t looked to see if they do any hemming, but it’s not a big enough deal for me to do anything about it at this time.


Fabletics Leon Tank

Post-yoga hair don’t care! The Leon Tank was simply cute, so I added it to my order. It has a mesh detail on the top of the racerback and a fun arrow design on the front. The length was perfect for a bit more coverage without feeling too long. It did what I needed a yoga tank to do – wick sweat, move with me and not leave my cleavage hanging out.

How does it compare to Lululemon and Athleta?

For a simple tank, I really like the Leon Tank over the Cool Racerbacks that I have  from LLL. It doesn’t cling as tight, which I appreciate while I try to tone up some of my post-baby chub. The price really can’t be beat either. VIPs pay $20 for the Leon Tank.

For the leggings, I would rate my Athleta Revelation Tights higher than the Salar Legging from a fit standpoint. I still get the compression in the Revelation Tights without the squeezing effect of the Salar Legging. But A+ to Fabletics for some really fun colors and patterns. I still prefer Lululemon for the fit in the hips and butt for maximum movement.

I’d love to hear what others think of Fabletics. Those outfit ideas are sometimes hit or miss for me, and I can’t figure out how to create an outfit and still get the discount.


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