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Review: Fitmob (soon to merge with ClassPass)


I mentioned the other day I took advantage of a promo deal for Fitmob. It was one of those too-good-to-pass-up deals. For $1, I could have unlimited access to Fitmob’s group classes at partner studios for a month. A quick glance through their participating studios showed me that a lot of my favorite studios and ones I wanted to try were participating. Of course, I had to sign up!


Co-created by Tony Horton of P90X fame, Fitmob’s membership is $79 a month to get access to studios and gyms nationwide. They seek out more boutique studios, like yoga, pilates, barre, dance and cross-training. I saw a pole dancing class on the schedule too. You won’t find any of the big box gyms on the list.

Through the mobile app or the website, you can reserve a spot in any available class. Some classes have limited spots for Fitmobbers, so you’ll want to reserve those classes earlier. I found that to be the case for barre classes. However, I recommend only signing up for what you know you will make. You can cancel your spot as late as 12 hours in advance for free or risk paying a late cancellation fee or flake fee for no-shows.

It functions almost exactly like ClassPass (according to my friends who joined ClassPass), which is another membership service with access to group classes. But by this summer, any differences will be irrelevant since the two will be merging under ClassPass. What this SHOULD mean is that members will have even more studios and gyms to choose from for the same price.

Say you know you won’t be able to use your membership for a month. You can put it on hold for $15 and still have access to one class that month before it returns to full price the next month. To cancel membership, you can manage it online through the website.

For the most part, I was able to get into all of the classes that I wanted. The barre class I did have to reserve a week in advance. Checking in at the studio was a cinch. I told them at the front desk I reserved the class through Fitmob, and they found me easily in their system.


Because they have partners nationwide, you can go to a class wherever you travel. I really wish this was available back when I used to travel for work twice a month! I’ve had fun studio hopping and trying new places and new classes all around Austin. If variety is what keeps you motivated, then using Fitmob (soon to be ClassPass) is a really great deal. If you tend to stick with a regular class or a single studio OR you can only make a class once a week, you’re probably better off looking at what membership or price options exist at your specific studio. At $79 a month for Fitmob, you would need to attend 4 times to break even at the walk-in rate at most places.

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