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Inside Yoga Yoga Westgate, Austin Yoga Studio


Yoga Yoga Westgate is where it all began for me in 2007. I had finished graduate school, where I tried an Iyengar class to give my hyperthyroid an opportunity to chill out. By the end of the semester, my Iyengar teacher suggested I do a beginner series for Ashtanga since I enjoyed the more flowing sequences (basically, she had us doing surya namaskar a in a couple classes, and I was hooked). I promptly signed up for the beginner series at Yoga Yoga Westgate, and that laid the foundation for many years of practicing Ashtanga with my teacher Matt.


I have a special spot in my heart for this studio and especially for this location. Austin traffic prevented me from making it back south in time to catch the 6 pm weekday Ashtanga classes most weeks, so I got my butt up for an 8:30am class each Sunday. It was a dedicated group of ashtangis who showed up for the Sunday morning class. This usually meant my Saturday nights were less social (this was pre-kids), less boozy, less heavy foods. As a group, we got to witness each other’s practice and journeys. I remember the woman who came throughout her pregnancy and then brought the baby so she could resume her practice a few weeks after. She inspired me well before I even thought I wanted any kids!

Because the Westgate location has three practice spaces, the schedule is quite diverse. I tried a restorative class, anusara and hatha flow. I’ve been for prenatal and postnatal classes. I discovered new teachers that I adore. I enjoyed workshops with Manju Jois and David Swenson. There’s a little something for everyone there and at every level.


While I’ve studio hopped and followed some of my teachers around town over the years, I still find myself back “home” at Westgate now and again. It really does feel like home, where I found my grounding and love for yoga. If anyone is looking for a proper full primary led class done in mostly Sanskrit, Annick is fantastic. I feel like I always get a tune-up when I practice with her.

This summer, they’re running a Beat the Heat special. The month of August is free for unlimited classes with the purchase of a 20 class pass. The passes can be used at any of their 4 locations in Austin: Westgate, Westlake, North and Northwest. And the best part? At the end of each class, they serve you a nice hot cup of yogi tea (their version of chai tea).

Yoga Yoga – Westgate
4477 S Lamar Blvd #420
Austin, TX 78745

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