Yoga Teacher Training

Week 6 of Yoga Teacher Training: Sequencing


With two classes under my belt and two more that I’ll be teaching next week, I’m starting to feel a rhythm in my process – in how I think about poses and how they link together, also in how I design the arch of a class. In Week 6 of yoga teacher training, we’re focusing on sequencing. The beauty of studying under Erinn Lewis for my yoga teacher training is that she is poetic in her sequences. She brings an energy and a spirit to her class that I have really only experienced with a handful of other teachers. Her flows are intelligent, seamless, challenging and uplifting.

I was observing one of her classes the other day where I’m scribing the poses. She had a sequence of 22 poses on one side, and then they repeated all 22 on the other. Twenty-two poses on paper looks like a LOT and seems overwhelming. However, when you watch the flow in action, they were all interconnected. It didn’t FEEL like 22 endless poses but rather like a dance.

As a beginner teacher, I’m playing around with 5 or 6 or 7 poses linked together. That’s about as much as my brain can handle right now to cue students. But I can definitely see how to build on them, play with them and expand on them to create a longer flow that feels just as cohesive.

In my years working in advertising, I built a lot of presentations for clients. It’s interesting to me that those storytelling skills I honed as an account planner are coming to use in designing a yoga class. Instead of a powerpoint deck with slides that build on each other, I’m creating a story with the body and breath. And just like a deck is simply a guide for the live presentation itself, the sequences I have on paper still have enough room to dive deeper, to expand, to offer anecdotes and to infuse my personality. I’m glad to see my skill set can easily transfer to this new career path. 😉

I’ll try to share some of the sequences I’m experimenting with through Instagram, messy hair and messy home and all! I do this more for myself than for my Instagram followers since I don’t know what I look like when I practice – only what I feel in my body. It’s a different perspective, that’s for sure!

More classes to come. I think I’ll start pulling in more challenging poses as I get comfortable with leading the foundational ones. It’ll be a learning experience for both me and my guinea pig students/friends.

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