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Yoga while on vacation: Guruv Yoga Orlando


I recently went on a week-long family vacation (18 people in one large vacation rental house!) to Orlando to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We had one day in the week without concrete plans, so I made sure to find a yoga class. Because I needed to go pick up my brother from the airport, I chose a class at Guruv Yoga in Orlando, which was a quick 15 minutes away.

It’s located in a busy shopping complex close to Universal Studios. My husband and I missed the small door on our first drive by of the center, which Google Maps didn’t really help. But once there, I got checked in by the teacher and rented a mat. I brought my Yogitoes towel to place over it, so even though I didn’t have my usual mat, I still had a familiar surface to work with. Also, I like to have a hygienic layer no matter how clean a rental mat really is.


Guruv has two practice spaces along a hallway. We were in the larger room in the back with smooth hardwood floors and dark red walls. While I didn’t take a heated class per se, I did notice a number of portable heaters in the back of the room and what looked like squeegee “brooms” hanging from the walls. I assumed those were meant for the true hot yoga classes. But for the nooner I attended, I’d guess the room was kept to 78-80 degrees; we still worked up a pretty good sweat.


The room was long and narrow, so we set up mats ashtanga-style, everyone facing the middle. The instructor was relaxed and had a very soothing voice. He took us through an internal practice – lots of forward folds, standing splits and pigeon. There was also some intense core work. I’ve never tried getting into a crow pose while supine (on my back). Reaching arms and engaging the abs to create the sensation of crow on the ceiling took a lot of strength! I was sufficiently sore the next day.

The room was kept dark, and I found my mind turning inward and I’d often close my eyes. It was a nice balance of hard work externally and reflection internally. If you ever find yourself in Orlando looking for a studio, I recommend Guruv. They have 2 other locations in the Orlando area – one north and one east. The drop-in rate was $15.

Oh, and what’s funny was that I saw my yoga instructor in Diagon Alley the next day. Orlando is a small world after all.

Guruv Yoga Orlando
8081 Turkey Lake Rd, Suite 650
Orlando, FL 32819

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