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Sukha Yoga: Class of 2015!


The laughter. The tears. The dance parties. The sweat. The physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. The doubts. The support. The LOVE. We made it to the other side as YOGA TEACHERS and are joining a community of people who love and live this practice that permeates our everyday.


Fourteen yogis walked into a room as strangers in May. It was like the scene in The Lord of the Rings when the hobbits meet the fellowship. We all sat around, wondering who each other was and what this journey would be like together.


Over the 2.5 months of training, we stood before each other and put it all out there … to be received, to be heard, to be lifted, to be held. No matter where each of us started individually, we all found our voices. I found in all of my classmates (or litter mates, as Erinn Lewis calls us) something different, new and uplifting to learn. By proximity alone, I felt their enlightenment, their breakthroughs and their spirituality rub off on me.


As Jenn Wooten told us on one of our training days, we’re awake now, and we can’t go back to sleep. The yoga has awakened our consciousness. It has bonded us. It has brought us into the present with eyes open time and time again. Even if we tried to shut it out and ignore it, we can’t. There’s no way we can go back to being unconsciously unconscious anymore, walking around in a constant haze.


Short of birthing my babies, I haven’t felt more alive than when I’m sharing yoga. I came out of teaching a 60 minute class with a couple of friends one day and gushed to Erinn, “I love this. I love doing this.” I feel like I’m in my element, and that I’m putting something positive back into the world.

“And it’s like THIS now.” Yes, Denise Deniger. It totally is. 🙂


At graduation, we wiped our tears of joy and then celebrated poolside with watermelon and pizza. But the work is far from done. And the friendships are still deepening. We’ll be coming to the mat and the meditation cushion over and over again. We’ll need students – lots of them! – to let us teach and share and hold space. Please come and learn and give us your honest feedback.


We will lean on our teachers to continue holding up the mirror so we face ourselves, especially in times of doubt and insecurity. They have shown us that we can be our own and each others’ teachers, and we have many of the answers already. We’ll take baby steps and big leaps and know that whether and when we fall, we have a community cheering us on.


To the Sukha Class of 2015, y’all rock my world. Really, honestly, completely. I’m serious about a monthly potluck. We’ll make it happen! See you in Studio 2.

To Erinn, Jenn and Denise, Thank You. I have so many nuggets of wisdom from you, and I’m inspired by each of you to find my inner truth. I am honored to study and practice with you, and I look forward to many more years of growth.

To my readers, there are still many aspects of yoga teacher training that I want to reflect on. I’ll keep sharing on the blog as thoughts arise. I’ll also be posting any public classes I’m teaching. If you’re in the Austin area, come play yoga with me!

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