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Yoga sequence: Forgiveness

As I work through sequencing classes based on whatever inspires me of late, I thought it would be nice to share the notes from my class on the blog. If you’re up for trying the sequence at home, I’d love any feedback in the comments so I can continue to refine my skills.

Hopefully, my shorthand and use of sanskrit will make more sense as you go along so I’m not typing out every single cue (this would be a REALLY long post). It’s also good practice for me to learn my sanskrit!

Yoga Sequence: Shame, punishment & forgiveness

I shared this past week how I was reading So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, which follows the stories of high-profile public shaming made worse by social media. Many of the stories begin with a moment of bad judgment – a tweet written in poor taste or a bad joke gone viral. And sadly, those brain farts were punished repeatedly by thousands of online users to the point of lost jobs and tarnished reputations.

Those who were being trashed online were also beating themselves up pretty harshly. One woman hid in her apartment (more or less) for a year after the incident, letting the weight of the shame she felt of herself and from the outside world prevent her from moving on. What she was missing in that time was FORGIVENESS.


I created this 60-minute sequence to 1) open the heart, 2) open the hips, where so much tension is housed,  3) find trust in our bodies again and 4) be forgiving of ourselves.

  • Begin in Balasana/child’s pose with palms up (10 breaths)
  • Roll up to table top
  • Circle hips clockwise to right heel, from left heel back to table top; Repeat counter clockwise
  • Rise, sitting on the heels in vadrasana
  • Lift arms overhead, grasp left wrist, stretch to the right; Switch
  • Bring left arm across body to the right for shoulder stretch; Switch
  • Extend right arm in front, palm out, fingers down; Inhale, grasp pinky, exhale, draw toward body; Repeat for each finger, then switch and repeat
  • Adho mukha svanasana/Downward-facing dog
  • * 3-legged dog, bend knee/heel toward glute, stack hips, draw big circles with the knee slowly in both directions
  • 3-legged dog
  • Draw knee to nose –> 3-legged dog
  • Draw knee to opposite elbow
  • Place foot off to the left side of the mat, lift left arm open to the sky – Fallen triangle pose
  • Unwind, 3-legged dog
  • Place foot, Adho mukha
  • Repeat opposite side from *
  • VINYASA (Plank –> Chaturanga –> Urdhva mukha svanasana/Upward-facing dog –> Adho mukha)
  • Uttanasana/Forward fold
  • ** Utkatasana/Chair pose
  • Cactus arms
  • Garudasana/Eagle pose (right arm under left, right leg over left)
  • Cactus arms
  • Rise, Urdhva hastasana/standing pose with arms overhead
  • Samasthiti
  • Repeat opposite side from **
  • 3 Surya Namaskar A/Sun Salutations (Urdhva hastasana –> Uttanasana –> Ardha uttana –> Chaturanga –> Urdhva mukha –> Adho mukha –> Ardha uttana –> Uttanasana –> Urdhva hasta –> Samasthiti)
  • *** From down dog, step right leg forward, lunge
  • Parsvottanasana/Pyramid pose
  • Utthita trikonasana/Extended triangle
  • Ardha chandrasana/Half moon pose
  • Virabhadrasana II/Warrior 2 –> pivot, Vira II back of mat –> pivot, Vira II front
  • Viparita virabhadrasana/Reverse warrior
  • Utthan pristhasana/Lizard pose
  • Repeat opposite side from ***
  • **** Tadasana/Mountain pose
  • Vrksasana/Tree pose
  • Eka pada utkatasana/Figure 4 (Arm Balance Play: Eka pada galavasana/Flying pigeon pose)
  • Vira III with airplane arms
  • High crescent lunge –> prayer twist
  • Repeat opposite side from ****
  • Malasana/Squat
  • Side stretches or bind
  • Arm Balance Play: Bakasana/Crow pose
  • ***** Eka pada rajokapotasana/Pigeon pose
  • Wrap back leg over front knee for open twist
  • Unwind, angled janu sirsasana, side stretch
  • Stargazer pose
  • Repeat opposite side from *****
  • Setu bandhasana/Bridge pose
  • Quad stretch
  • Supta padanghustasana/Hamstring stretch lying on the back
  • Twist
  • Happy baby
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