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North Austin: Yoga + Meditation Series is coming your way!

Alright, friends in North Austin. You asked, and I am answering. I’m bringing my Yoga + Meditation 8-week series to Dancers Workshop in the Balcones Woods Shopping Plaza. Classes will begin Friday, October 16 and run through December 11. They’ll be held at 12 NOON, so those of you with office jobs, come out during your lunch hour to move and breathe with me. We’ll work through a glistening flow and end each class with guided meditation and savasana. It’s the perfect yin + yang combo to get you ready for each weekend.

For existing members of Dancers Workshop, I’m offering a discounted rate of $100 for the series. Make sure to select “Existing DW Member” when you sign up.

For everyone else, register with a buddy, and you both get $10 off the regular series rate.



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  1. Yoga has evolved drastically since its inception and it has traveled to the farthest corners of the worlds, however the four basic paths of yoga remain the same. Yoga is very helpful in overcoming stress and Dealing with Anger problem.

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