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Om the Dome

Sunday at the Texas State Capitol was a yoga and meditation event in celebration of the International Day of Peace, where a thousand people filled the main dome and… you guessed it… om’ed. It was also the Big Kid’s 4th birthday. He’s a bit of a homebody, so it took a little convincing to get him out of the house (and also to let Bear Shark nap in peace).

We found a spot on the 3rd floor to set out his yoga mat, which he insisted on having vs. the yoga mat I keep in my car. First, there was singing that was almost operatic. The sound carries beautifully in the Capitol’s dome. Then, there was mantra and chanting. Finally, there was om after om after om. The vibration from all the thousand or so voices was stirring and moving. You could see people standing with arms overhead, feeling the physical sounds of om reverberate – like standing on the beach to let the ocean sway and pull you with each wave.


The Big Kid quietly soaked it all in. He even joined in the om’ing. When I asked him what he thought afterward, he said, “That was awesome!” It really was. I enjoyed experiencing that with him on his birthday and feeling so moved by the simple sound of “om.”

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    • Terri says

      it was pretty amazing! the whole building was vibrating with sound.

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