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Register Now! Offering Two Yoga Series

I’m excited to announce that I’m offering two 8-week yoga series at the newly opened Austin Dance Academy in South Austin. I’ve had these class ideas brewing since teacher training since a lot of people have been asking for them, and now I have a beautiful location to host them.

Beginners Series

I feel like my yogic journey really began when I took a beginners series for ashtanga. We had a smaller than usual class of 7 students, but I loved having the extra attention and opportunity for discussion with my teacher. I practiced ashtanga and vinyasa with him for 6 years and consider him a pretty amazing friend. I want to offer that same small-group feel in this Beginners Series to help anyone who’s been shy about trying yoga to learn the basics – bite by bite –  while also bonding with others on their new journey.

Yoga + Meditation Series

As I’ve worked to incorporate meditation with my asana practice, I found that pairing the two worked well with the short bursts of practice I get as a full-time working/stay-at-home mom. There’s no way I can do a 60-75 minute practice PLUS 20-30 minutes of meditation. (I’m lucky if I get 15 minutes on my mat without interruption!) As I’ve also heard from friends and family, meditation seems simple but is SO HARD to do without guidance. This series will combine a physical flowing asana practice and introduce various methods of meditation.

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