Class Offerings, Local to Austin

New Wednesday classes coming soon!

I have a couple Wednesday daytime classes being added to my schedule. Hope you’ll be able to join and do yoga with me!

Starting THIS Wednesday (1/20), I’ll be holding a NOON class at Austin Bouldering Project. If you haven’t been over there to climb/yoga/workout/sauna/people watch, then you’re missing out! It’s fun for the whole family. I tend to stick around and climb a little after I teach, so if you’re a beginner climber like me, we can start the easy routes together.

Wednesdays, 12 pm
Austin Bouldering Project
979 Springdale Rd
Austin, TX 78702

Starting next week on Wednesday (1/27), I’ll be leading a 10 am class at Dittmar Recreation Center. I’m excited about this one as I feel it’s the right setting to try a family-friendly class where kids are welcome. This is NOT a kids’ class though. I don’t do the song and dance routine to entertain children (sorry!). However, I know first hand that bringing kids to class doesn’t have to be a deal breaker for going to yoga. I used to take the Big Kid to class all the time from when he was a sleeping lump of a baby until he turned 2. He could be great in class even now as a 4-year-old, but the classes I attend aren’t children-friendly.

The 10 am at Dittmar will only go through the first week of March due to renovations planned for the recreation center. We’ll pick it up again in September when fall programming kicks in.

Wednesdays, 10 am
Dittmar Recreation Center
1009 W. Dittmar Rd
Austin, TX 78745

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