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Review: Hot Onnit at Black Swan Yoga

I took advantage of an offer to try out a Hot Onnit class at Black Swan Yoga before all the SXSW madness hit. I’ve seen the Onnit “weaponry” (steel maces, kettle bells with scary animal faces carved in them, etc.) by various fitness trainers and always thought it might be fun to play with them. By the way, I was a huge Dungeons & Dragons nerd when I was a kid and actually used to sketch medieval weapons for fun; this rather excited me to get my hands on something, even if it was being used as exercise equipment!

The class was really fun! Our instructor Randal was on crutches for busted feet/ankles, so it was also rather amusing to watch him lead the class and try to demo some of the exercises. He certainly had a sense of humor about it. The class was part yoga and part strength and conditioning.

We started with a warm up along the front side of the room, running with high knees, doing cartwheels, doing cartwheels on our non-dominant side and skipping. Then, we went to our mats and really started the work. I loved that Randal gave us a lot of time to play with handstands (or inversion of choice) once we were all warm, and this was part of a circuit, working an exercise for  30-60 seconds at a time. The steel mace came into play as we paired up and alternated doing core work and thrusters with our partner.

I was a sweaty mess by the end, thanks to the heated room (and I am NOT usually a fan of hot yoga thanks to the time I got swimmer’s ear from sweat). But it was fun to play and not be too serious about working out. I really appreciated the relaxed vibe of the instructor and other students! Definitely take a bottle of cold water with you. Hydration in that kind of heat is necessary.

Thanks for inviting me to take a class, BSY! You’ve re-sparked my interest in weaponry. Maybe I will train to be a warrior one day… 🙂

There are 3 locations of Black Swan Yoga in Austin, although only the Downtown and South ones offer Hot Onnit. Classes are donation-based, with a recommended $10-$15.

Black Swan Yoga – Downtown
403 Orchard St
Austin TX 78703

Black Swan Yoga – South
4534 Westgate Blvd
Austin TX 78745

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