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New class offerings in August + Quick update

ABP-ers asked, and management has answered. Starting August 24, new 10:30 am classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be added to the schedule at Austin Bouldering Project, taught by yours truly. (UPDATE: Tuesday and Thursday 9 am classes are also going up on the schedule with our other teachers!) These will be Vinyasa Level 2 classes, which are so much fun to explore and play. I love teaching these classes where we build on the fundamentals, and there is plenty of laughter as we test balance, body control and playing on our hands and heads. Mid-morning is my preferred time to practice personally, so I know my students will enjoy these classes!

Quick update: Yes, I know my blog has been sparse this summer. Things have been really busy with my boys being home with me and my learning to balance teaching with fun family adventures. But it’s all been great! Bear Shark’s vocabulary and sentence structure have grown and gotten more complex with the help of big brother chatting his ear off. He has even learned to express his emotions verbally (as in, “Mommy make me sad. My mommy make me cry,” when he’s upset about having to go to bed before 10 pm). It’s so cool to watch these huge developments.

I’ve been tested a lot this summer as a parent as well. This is the first time I’ve had both kids home with me for the majority of the week, and I was really nervous about it just as I was when I first pulled Bear Shark out of full-time daycare last year. We found a rhythm to our days and how to co-exist without my losing my sh*t constantly (not to say there weren’t hard times because there were many).

I’ve worked hard this summer to carve out time for myself and for my family so I’m not burning out too quickly. I try to keep 2 days off in the week so I can guarantee some “lazy summer” time, which usually turns into run-all-the-errands time. My fall schedule is settling in, and I have a nice mix of public classes, corporate and private. I do have a couple more slots during my week for either a corporate or private client, so ping me soon if you’re interested.

As for all the other things I wanted to blog about this summer – like the rest of our road trip, sheesh! – I will be catching up soon. Boys in school means time for me to get things done.

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